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WRA Spring meet and Hawksbay Champs

WRA Spring meeting and Hawkes Bay Championships, The Don Whiteman Memorial Championships Weekend – Saturday 18th and Sunday the 19th November 2017
The Programme

We will be shooting on electronic targets, bring your own device if you have one please. Only have your device on the networks if you are shooting or scoring.

DAY 1: The Spring Meeting, Saturday 18 November 2017

9am start:
1. 10 shots at 600
2. 10 shots at 800
3. 10 shots at 900

4. NZ Champion of Champions: 10 shots at 900. If we had more than 6 entries then the shoot will be conducted Bisley style, though shooters would not score for partners on targets, volunteer scorers would be used. If there were more than 12 entrants, then targets could have three shooters on a target, all positions would be drawn by lot.

There will be NZ Champion of Champion shoots in F Open, FTR and TR

5. Prize giving for the Spring Meeting and NZCC will be as soon as possible after shooting finishes.

Day 2: The Hawkes Bay Championships, Sunday 19 November 2017

9am start:
1. 10 shots at 800
2. 10 shots at 900
3. 10 shots at 900

4. TR and F Class coached team’s matches at 900. TR Teams of 3 or 4 shooting for the Collins Shield (Numbers still to be finalised on the weekend). F Class teams will be three shooters with the maximum of one F Open shooter. We will have an appropriate time limit, team members will fire 10 shots each to count

5. Prize giving as soon as possible after shooting finishes
Don Whiteman Memorial trophies will be presented to the aggregate winners of each grade for the two day aggregate.

Awards for the Spring meeting will be the WRA Trophies for the shoot as well as sweets, beer wine and other assorted goods
There will be a gold, silver and bronze medals for TR, F Open and FTR NZ Champion of Champions.

Awards for the Hawkes Bay shoot will be the Hawkes Bay trophies.

Awards for the combined aggregate will be the Don Whiteman Memorial trophies in each grade, and a gold medal in each grade.

Entry Fees
Spring Meeting $40, tyro $30
Hawkes Bay Champs $40, tyro $30
Combined $80, Tyro $60

NZ Champion of Champions: free

Coached teams match: $5 per team member

Concurrent teams: free hawks

14-10-2017 300, 600 Yard Comp

NameClubGrade300 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Graeme CookKaroriFO59.0451.03110.07
Criag HuntKaroriFO56.0453.04109.08
Colin BrownKaroriFO56.0453.02109.06
Simon TeagueKaroriFO58.0349.01107.04
Maurice  SKaroriFO53.0253106.02
Wayne SKaroriFO53.0351104.03
Dave HamiltonvisitorFO47.015097.01
NameClubGrade300 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Paul LockwoodvisitorFTR57.0352.01109.04
Karyn FlanaganKaroriFTR5452.01106.01
Saul ReidKaroriFTR45.0160.06105.07
Steve FlanagganKaroriFTR5351.02104.02
Harold ValescoTrenthamFTR50.023989.02
Hayden HansenTrenthamFTR4442.0286.02
Ross TaitKaroriFTR4244.0286.02
Matt WilliamsTrenthamFTR384482
TR and TR Tyro
NameClubGrade300 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Ross MasonTrenthamTR-A50.0446.0396.07
John McClarenMastertonTR-A48.0447.0295.06
JR WhitemanTrenthamTR-A50.0343.0293.05
Charlotte FlanaganKaitunaTR-A48.0641.0289.08
Rags OwensTrenthamTR-A48.0540.0188.06
Casey GoldsmithTrenthamTR-A46.0240.0286.04
Tony GoreTrenthamTR-B322759
Catrina McCannTrenthamTR-Tyro351752

WRA AGM to be held on Sat 14 Oct 9am

The WRA AGM is being held in the Trentham Clubrooms at 9am tomorrow morning, Sat 14 Oct.

We need 15 people there to be able to hold the meeting.  There are a few people away who would normally be there, please make an effort to attend.



07-10-2017 800, 900, 1000 Yard Comp

NameClubGrade800 Yards900 Yards1000 YardsTOTAL
Graeme CookKaroriF OPEN59.0459.0657.04175.14
Jake SmithKaroriF OPEN60.0558.0455.02173.11
Simon TeagueKaroriF OPEN52.0155.0255.02162.05
Dave HamiltonKaroriF OPEN434850141
Craig HuntKaroriF OPEN59.0557.03116.08
NameClubGrade800 Yards900 Yards1000 YardsTOTAL
Wayne SmithKaroriFTR58.0359.0655.03172.12
Eben FouriePetoneFTR59.0556.0256.03171.1
Daryl MayPetoneFTR54.0157.0452.01163.06
Matt WilliamsTrenthamFTR59.0452.0152163.05
Narold ValescoTrenthamFTR51.014953.01153.02
Geoff SmithMalvernFTR55.0257.01112.03
Samhi DikmenliTrenthamFTR -TYRO5554.03109.03
Ernest SmithKaroriFTR57.0357.03
TR and TR-Tyro
NameClubGrade800 Yards900 Yards1000 YardsTOTAL
John MclarenMastertonTR-A50.0650.0450.07150.17
Owen WhitemanMastertonTR-A50.0550.0849.05149.18
JR WhitemanTrenthamTR-A50.0549.0249.04148.11
Rags OwensTrenthamTR-A49.0750.0648.04147.17
Andre DoylePetoneTR-A49.0750.0548.03147.15
Vic McMurdoPetoneTR-A49.0649.0349.05147.14
Casey GoldsmithTrenthamTR-A50.0647.0346.04143.13
Kevin WinTrenthamTR-A48.0447.0343.02138.09
Irene CameronTe PukeTR-A49.0549.05
Jared McMurdoPetoneTR-B49.0550.0648.03147.14
Barry ScottPetoneTR-B48.0345.0146139.04
Ewan CormackPetoneTR-B50.0644.0244.02138.1
Tony GoreTrenthamTR-B40.0246.0238.01124.05
Anita BenbrookPetoneTR-B49.0548.0397.08
Aaron JeffriesTrenthamTR-Tyro49.0548.0447.02144.11
Catrina TrenthamTR-Tyro45.0545.05

30-09-2017 300, 500, 600 Yard Comp

NameClubGrade300 Yards500 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Maurice SmithKaroriF Open57.0355.0257.04169.09
Craig HuntKaroriF Open58.0456.0352.01166.08
Graeme CookKaroriF Open58.0148.01106.02
Frank DuckettMastertonF Open87.0783.582.2
NameClubGrade300 Yards500 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Wayne SmithKaroriFTR59.0557.0459.06175.15
Hayden HansenTrenthamFTR47.0252.0250.02149.06
Dave HamiltonKaroriFTR4756.01103.01
James CockerillTrenthamFTR 55.0158.0451.01164.06
Ross CollingsKaroriFTR 51.0252.02103.04
Digby WilkinsonTrenthamFTR-Tyro5355.2108.2
NameClubGrade300 Yards500 Yards600 YardsTOTAL
Owen WhitemanMastertonTR-A49.350.0448.01147.35
John WhitemanTrenthamTR-A49.0349.0749.04147.14
Rags OwensTrenthamTR-A49.0649.0548.05146.16
William LaracyTrenthamTR-A48.0249.0247.01144.05
Kevin WinTrenthamTR-A47.0450.0246.05143.11
Casey GoldsmithTrenthamTR-A44.0250.0448.04142.1
Bernard LaracyTrenthamTR-A38.0148.0337123.04
BJ MartinTrenthamTR-B42.0247.0349.02138.07
Tony GoreTrenthamTR-B4248.0148.03138.04
Aarom JeffriesTrenthamTR-Tyro39.0247.0143129.03